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New Release: Bartleby and James

New Release: Bartleby and James

Bartleby and James

Bartleby and James is the second edition of The Collected Bartleby and James Adventures, the first Galvanic CenturyEdwardian steampunk novel. In addition to some minor edits, there are new opening and ending chapters that tie the detectives’ first cases together a bit more cohesively. As of this posting, it’s available as a free ebook from Amazon, Kobo, and the Apple iBookstore, and will soon be…

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The Trouble with Descent Macabre

The Trouble with Descent Macabre

Descent Macabre is a dark occult drama written by one of my long-time beta-readers and the narrator of the audio book version of Grief: Five Stories of Apocalyptic Loss, Chicago-area actor Kat O’Connor. She published Descent Macabre in May of 2013, and while it gets good reviews and is generally considered well written, it hasn’t moved very many copies.


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Sep 7

Cinematic Influences

A conversation arose recently about the movies that, while not necessarily our favorites, have stuck with us for some reason or another over the years. I can’t imagine that this wouldn’t influence my own filmmaking, so in no particular order here are the films that occupy the most of my head-space.


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Sep 4






Throwback Thursday: Originally posted June 2013

Because print books will never be obsolete.

Its never going to happen. 

It’s like saying that libraries were going to become obsolete because we no longer read vellum scrolls or clay tablets.

The magic hides in the words, not in the format.

Sep 4


Master Tigress is done! Finally, time to move onto another character :P

Sep 4

Designers and Dragons Kickstarter

Designers and Dragons Kickstarter

Designers and Dragons is a four-volume history of the roleplaying game industry. The kickstarter for it has 5 days to go, and has already blown past its $7,500 goal ten times over. If you’re a gamer and are at all interested in what has come to pass, check them out, drop a few bucks into the evil hat.


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Sep 2

Hi Mr. Gaiman (Mr. Neil Gaiman? Mr. Neil? There needs to be an etiquette book for addressing your favorite author online). I'm a self-published author on Amazon, and I got an email from them regarding the conflict with Hachette this morning, trying to persuade us to write in support of Amazon. Thought it might interest you to see what the enemy is saying. I put it on my tumblr if you'd like to take a look--its the most recent post. Hope it helps! -HK


I don’t see an enemy. I see two huge multinational corporations having a fight over contracts and terms, and authors staring up at them from ground level. It’s like Godzilla battling Gamera, and we’re looking up from the sidewalks of New York rather worried that a skyscraper might topple on us. I liked Chuck Wendig’s summary and commentary at http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2014/08/09/in-which-amazon-calls-you-to-defend-the-realm/.

I’m a Hachette Author in the UK. My wife’s a Hachette Author now, and she has a big book coming out in November, which you cannot pre-order through Amazon. Which sucks. I don’t regard Amazon as the enemy, any more than I regarded Barnes and Noble as the enemy when they had a dispute with DC Comics and stopped selling the hundred top DC Comics Graphic Novels in their stores (which included 17 books by me, including all Sandman).

But this seems like a good time to remind people about other places to buy books. Like you could preorder THE ART OF ASKING from Powells at http://www.powells.com/biblio/18-9781455581085-42.

Or you could use http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780062255662 to find the Indie Bookshop nearest you to get your copy of THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, if you haven’t yet read it.

Amazon is a distributor I work with, like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple. It’s a business relationship. They make the most sense for my business as part of a wide distribution plan, and they will be until that no longer serves me.

That sums up my thoughts on the matter.

I’ve redesigned a few of the Galvanic Century covers.

The first of these, Bartleby and James, is actually a new edition of the first Galvanic Century novel, The Collected Bartleby and James Adventures. It features some new material that binds it together into a more cohesive story. I’m looking at a September 13th release date.

The other updated covers, for A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles and Dreams of the Damned, have already been applied to their respective ebooks.

Galvanic Century Cover Redesign I’ve redesigned a few of the Galvanic Century covers. The first of these, Bartleby and James, is actually a new edition of the first…

2012 Retrospective part 2

2012 Retrospective part 2

Back to Part 1

Of the three titles I published in December, only And They Called Her Spider sold more than a few copies. I focused on it, turning it into a series with the release of Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande, On the Trail of the Scissormanand A Matter of Spirit, learning how to make covers that weren’t utterly terrible in the process. I also unpublished Apocalypse Party and Oh Human Child

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Let’s connect through Patreon

logo_emblemI’m all about connecting to my readers, and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to engage with you guys in fun ways. I’ve got this blog where I can ramble on about whatever topic crosses my mind, I’ve got a mailing list where I announce new releases and give heads’ up to my fans, and now I’m opening up a third channel with a Patreon page.


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