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Windy City Obscura: An Epistolary Experiment

Windy City Obscura: An Epistolary Experiment

trainI’ve got in my head this concept for an epistolary story experiment that makes use of social media, such as twitter and facebook, to tell a story. Maybe this is what everybody does with social media, and I can’t just do that because I’m so wrapped up in the head-space of authorial intellectual bullshit, so I need to hem and haw and justify perfectly normal human behavior.


The true…

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Eat Like You Give a Fuck

I ordered the Thug Kitchen cookbook months ago, and I’m unreasonably excited about its release.

Book Nouveau is transitioning

Book Nouveau is transitioning

Some of you might remember my book blog, Book Nouveau. I started it back in December 2012 to encourage myself to read more often by enforcing a sort of accountability upon myself. Well, the domain is expiring, and I’ve decided that instead of renewing it I’m going to shift everything to YouTube and start making video book reviews instead.


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All things come to an end, including Book Nouveau. Well, not really. Book Nouveau the blog is ending, but giving birth to Book Nouveau the vlog.

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is tearing it up

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is tearing it up

Atlas Games’s Robin D Laws designed classic cinematic action tabletop RPG Feng Shui 2nd edition kickstarter went live an hour or so ago, and in twenty minutes they’d blown past their $8,000 goal. Their stretch-goals fell like mooks in its wake, one after the other, and only a few hours later they’ve broken $35,000.

Now that’s Kickstarting in style.

If you liked the original, or even if high…

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New Release: Bartleby and James

New Release: Bartleby and James

Bartleby and James

Bartleby and James is the second edition of The Collected Bartleby and James Adventures, the first Galvanic CenturyEdwardian steampunk novel. In addition to some minor edits, there are new opening and ending chapters that tie the detectives’ first cases together a bit more cohesively. As of this posting, it’s available as a free ebook from Amazon, Kobo, and the Apple iBookstore, and will soon be…

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The Trouble with Descent Macabre

The Trouble with Descent Macabre

Descent Macabre is a dark occult drama written by one of my long-time beta-readers and the narrator of the audio book version of Grief: Five Stories of Apocalyptic Loss, Chicago-area actor Kat O’Connor. She published Descent Macabre in May of 2013, and while it gets good reviews and is generally considered well written, it hasn’t moved very many copies.


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Sep 7

Cinematic Influences

A conversation arose recently about the movies that, while not necessarily our favorites, have stuck with us for some reason or another over the years. I can’t imagine that this wouldn’t influence my own filmmaking, so in no particular order here are the films that occupy the most of my head-space.


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Sep 4






Throwback Thursday: Originally posted June 2013

Because print books will never be obsolete.

Its never going to happen. 

It’s like saying that libraries were going to become obsolete because we no longer read vellum scrolls or clay tablets.

The magic hides in the words, not in the format.

Sep 4


Master Tigress is done! Finally, time to move onto another character :P