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2014 Readathon - The Crawl

2014 Readathon – The Crawl

Just finished reading Alyson Grauer’s Isle of Sound and Wonder. It was an excellent use of seven hours, minus the time taken to clean the apartment in anticipation of tomorrow’s kickstarter video shoot.

I’ll give the book a full review on Book Nouveau sometime next week. For now it will suffice to say that the review will be a positive one.

Next up: The Crawl, by Nikki M. Pill.

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An Average Workday

Ever wonder what it’s like to live the swingin’ life of a full-time author? Here’s how my typical workday goes.


I get up around nine, whenever the cat wants to be fed. He’s peristant, and will stalk around me on the bed, yowling, chewing on my hair, whatever he thinks is going to work. I have to sleep with a shoe in the doorway because he’s learned that slamming it is effective, but I refuse…

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Readathon 2014 – Opening Meme

Took me about an hour to get myself set up, make coffee, feed the cats, etc, so I made a video while I was at it, covering the questions asked in the…

Readathon 2014 - Intro

Readathon 2014 – Intro

I woke up early today, and was browsing Ello when I ran across this Readathon thing that’s apparently starting right now. Basically: Read all day.

Since my reading list is embarrassingly long I’ll go ahead and get in on that. First book I have is an ARC of Aly Grauer’s “On the Isle of Sound and Wonder” that I keep meaning to dig into.

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Literary Influences

Last month I posted some movies that had influenced me as a filmmaker. Here’s a list of books that had a powerful impact on me as a reader, and that helped sculpt me into the writer I am today. Some of these are book-books, a few are comic books, but whatever. They’re stories. Read them.


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Steampunk king of spades. Cardboard. 15 x 20” by Lance Oscarson

(Source: on.fb.me)

Kickstarter: Elegy for a Dead World

Kickstarter: Elegy for a Dead World


Elegy for a Dead World is a game about fiction and writing prompts. You’re an explorer, last survivor of a doomed mission, writing about the relics of dead worlds and sharing your work with others. It looks cool, has 9 days to go, and is at the 70% funded mark.

Check it out, and it…

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Feeling low

One of the hardest things about being a professional creative with a public profile is that I don’t feel like I can safely express my opinions.

My career isn’t stable enough to withstand a storm of fake 1-star reviews from outraged manchildren, so instead of showing support for the people targeted by hate-fueled culture war, I bite my tongue and try not to feel like a coward.

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Playing the Backstory

In a role-playing game, a character’s emotional connection to the world is often limited to an academic understanding of their backstory. A more natural, more immersive result can be reached by playing through the characters’ upbringing.


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Windy City Obscura: Exploring Chicago

Windy City Obscura: Exploring Chicago

There are a number of reasons why I’ve taken it upon myself to wander the streets of Chicago. Writing’s a sedentary job, and health is a big part of it. Every day I see studies and articles about how sitting all day is basically worse than chain-smoking bags of crack flavored razor-blades, and there are a lot of things I want to write before my slow and inevitable death. I could use the exercise.

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